Online network optimization using product-form Markov processes

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We develop a gradient algorithm for optimizing the performance of product-form networks through online adjustment of control parameters. The use of standard algorithms for finding optimal parameter settings is hampered by the prohibitive computational burden of calculating the gradient in terms of the stationary probabilities. The proposed approach instead relies on measuring empirical frequencies of the various states through simulation or online operation so as to obtain estimates for the gradient. Besides the reduction in computational effort, a further benefit of the online operation lies in the natural adaptation to slow variations in ambient parameters as commonly occurring in dynamic environments. On the downside, the measurements result in inherently noisy and biased estimates. We exploit mixing time results in order to overcome the impact of the bias and establish sufficient conditions for convergence to a globally optimal solution. We discuss our algorithm in the context of different systems, including queueing networks, loss networks, and wireless networks. We also illustrate how the algorithm can be used in such systems to optimize a service/cost trade-off, to map parameter regions that lead to systems meeting specified constraints, and to achieve target performance measures. For the latter application, we first identify which performance measures can be controlled depending on the set of configurable parameters. We then characterize the achievable region of performance measures in product-form networks, and finally we describe how our algorithm can be used to achieve the target performance in an online, distributed fashion, depending on the application context.

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TijdschriftIEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
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