On the application of Home Energy Management Systems for power grid support

M.S.H. Nizami (Corresponding author), A.N.M.M. Haque, P.H. Nguyen, M.J. Hossain

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Home Energy Management Systems (HEMSs) are being implemented for residential energy management in various parts of the world. Conventionally, a HEMS is developed from the consumer's perspective, with the principal aim of cost-saving while maintaining optimal consumers' comfort. In recent years, various Demand Response programs are being incorporated into HEMSs to address the power grid constraints. In this paper, the functionality of grid support through the HEMSs is presented. The developed scheme utilizes an agent-based coordination mechanism in an active distribution network and manages the household appliances to comply with thermal and voltage constraints of the grid. The proposed mechanism is evaluated through simulation of a typical Dutch low-voltage (LV) residential feeder. A hardware prototype has also been developed and tested in the laboratory environment. The proposed methodologies show promising perspectives for local voltage-violation support and direct load control for congestion management of the grid.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 dec 2019

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