On Cloud Radio Access Networks With Cascade Oblivious Relaying

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We consider a discrete memoryless cloud radio access network in which K users communicate with a remote destination through 2 relays in a cascade. The relays are oblivious in the sense that they operate without knowledge of the users’ codebooks. We focus on a scenario where the first and second relays are connected through a finite-capacity error-free link, while the second relay is connected to the remote destination via an infinite-capacity link. We establish the capacity region in this case, and show that it is achieved via a compress-and-forward scheme with successive decoding. Finally, the extension to Gaussian networks is discussed.
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Titel2021 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, ITW 2021 - Proceedings
UitgeverijInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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StatusGepubliceerd - 23 nov. 2021
Evenement2021 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW 2021) - Kanazawa, Japan
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Congres2021 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW 2021)
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