On a tandem queueing model with identical service times at both counters, I

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    This paper considers a queueing system consisting of two single-server queues in series, in which the service times of an arbitrary customer at both queues are identical. Customers arrive at the first queue according to a Poisson process. Of this model, which is of importance in modern network design, a rather complete analysis will be given. The results include necessary and sufficient conditions for stationarity of the tandem system, expressions for the joint stationary distributions of the actual waiting times at both queues and of the virtual waiting times at both queues, and explicit expressions (i.e., not in transform form) for the stationary distributions of the sojourn times and of the actual and virtual waiting times at the second queue. In Part II (pp. 644-659) these results will be used to obtain asymptotic and numerical results, which will provide more insight into the general phenomenon of tandem queueing with correlated service times at the consecutive queues.
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