Nucleation and growth in TiN CVD on graphite substrates

H.B. Bree, de, M.H. Haafkens, M.M. Michorius, L.R. Wolff

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    Morphology and preferential crystallographic orientation were studied in TiN CVD on graphite substrates. Three types of isostatically pressed graphite were used, both in as delivered and in purified condition. Using X-ray diffractometry and optical as well as scanning electron microscopy, the results were analyzed after various deposition times. Three deposition temperatures : 850, 900 and 950°C were used. Except for the deposition temperature, the process conditions were not varied. In an experiment where instead of TiCl4, H2 and N2 only TiCl4 and H2 were used as reactants, it was demonstrated that the deposition of TiN on graphite substrates is probably preceded by the formation of a monolayer of TiC.
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    TijdschriftJournal de Physique IV, Colloque
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 1991


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