Nuclear Fusion, the ultimate energy source

F. Felici

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Abundant and widely available fuel, no risk of meltdown and little radioactivity: nuclear fusion, the energy source of the stars, has been hailed for decades as *the* solution to the world’s energy needs. Unfortunately, after 50 years of research, we are still decades from building our first commercial fusion power plant. Still, progress is being made: the experimental ITER reactor, under construction in France, should generate fusion energy in the 2020s and the NIF facility, in California, is inches away from igniting a capsule of fusion fuel. But enormous challenges remain, as one would expect when trying to confine a plasma (hot gas) with temperatures above 150million degrees. We will learn about these challenges, hear about the fascinating history of the worldwide research efforts and get a glimpse of what remains to be done before the energy of the stars will become available in a power outlet near you.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2013
Evenementconference; Nerd Nite XII; 2013-05-03; 2013-05-03 -
Duur: 3 mei 20133 mei 2013


Congresconference; Nerd Nite XII; 2013-05-03; 2013-05-03
AnderNerd Nite XII


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