Novel lipidomimetic compounds and uses thereof

Holger Gruell (Uitvinder), Sander Langereis (Uitvinder), Johan Lub (Uitvinder)

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    Disclosed are lipidomimetic compounds of formula I (I) wherein: G represents a group satisfying formula II: HO-CH2-{CH(OH)-CH2-0}m-CH2-{C(=0)-0-CH2}q- formula II each n independently is an integer from 1-30; m is an integer from 1-10; q is 0 or 1. These compounds can be added to the lipid bilayer of thermosensitive liposomes, for the purpose of aiding in the prevention of leakage of the liposomes' contents at 37°C, and retarding clearance from circulation.

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    IPCC07C 69/ 708 A I
    StatusGepubliceerd - 20 dec 2012

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