Nonlinear control of optical storage drives with improved shock performance

M.F. Heertjes, F. Cremers, M. Rieck, M. Steinbuch

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An experimental demonstration is given of a nonlinear dynamic filter applied to an optical playback device (CD-drive) forautomotive applications. The filter is based on a static input–output nonlinearity that transforms the standard linear control designinto a shock-dependent control design. To relax the sufficient condition imposing stability, a dynamic filter is introduced. Thecombination of dynamic filter and static input–output nonlinearity forms a nonlinear dynamic filter that enables a large amount ofloop gain increase. With this filter, the controlled lens dynamics in radial (tracking) direction are studied both experimentally andnumerically in terms of shock suppression, and show a significant improvement in shock performance.
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TijdschriftControl Engineering Practice
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2005


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