NO adsorption on Pt (111)/Bi surfaces

Marta Costa Figueiredo (Corresponding author), Naomi Sisson, Richard J. Nichols, Christopher A. Lucas, Víctor Climent, Juan M. Feliu (Corresponding author)

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The adsorption ofnitric oxide (NO)ona Pt (111) surface modified with irreversible adsorbed bismuth adatoms is reported. While the voltammetric results reveal a close interaction between the two co-adsorbed compounds. In-situ infrared spectroscopy and scanning tunnelling microscopy indicate the formation of segregated adlayers. Formation of compressed Bi adlayers with modified redox properties is proposed to reconcile both results. This agrees with the observation of Bi islands in the STM images when NO is coadsorbed, not observed in the absence of NO.

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Pagina's (van-tot)37-40
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TijdschriftElectrochemistry Communications
StatusGepubliceerd - 1 jan 2013
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    Figueiredo, M. C., Sisson, N., Nichols, R. J., Lucas, C. A., Climent, V., & Feliu, J. M. (2013). NO adsorption on Pt (111)/Bi surfaces. Electrochemistry Communications, 34, 37-40.