New Approaches and Developments in Engineering Education: The 21st Century Engineers

Ayse Kiliç, Ismail Yilmaz Taptik

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Looking at today’s world, although there are many differences among all countries within various subjects, the common ground on where they can meet is education. In the globalized world conditions that enter into the process of change from social, scientific, technological, political and economic aspects; all of the developed or developing countries should be able to provide the requirements and catch the era with being well-equipped with modern knowledge and skills and also being qualified in all fields and professions. The provision of changing conditions can be achieved through integrating different educational methodologies into the education system within the context of both diverse concepts and phenomena (such as; sustainability, life-long learning, problem solving and team-based approaches…etc.) and also new assessment & evaluation instruments and learning and teaching techniques.
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TijdschriftMetal World
StatusGepubliceerd - 2018
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