Network resource management

M. Boer, de (Uitvinder), H. Carr (Uitvinder), W. Wedershoven (Uitvinder), K.C.J. Wijbrans (Uitvinder), I. Radovanovic (Uitvinder), T. Ozcelebi (Uitvinder)

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The invention provides real time dynamic resource management to improve end-to-end QoS by mobile devices regularly updating a resource availability server (RAS) with resource update information. Examples of resource update information are device battery status, available memory, session bandwidth, delay, packet loss, and jitter, network element storage capacity, network element processing power. This information is made available by the RAS. In addition, the RAS generates and maintains predictive models and makes available predictive data from these models. Network elements and devices retrieve this information in the form of notifications from the RAS or by way of querying the RAS. The network elements and devices, based on these predictions, act to negotiate sessions to optimise QoS. In one embodiment the RAS is updated by only mobile devices subscribed to the operator which hosts the RAS. The update information is addressed to the RAS as a stand- alone entity. However, it is envisaged that the server may be hosted by multiple operators and may receive updates from devices subscribed to different operators. Also, it is envisaged that not only mobile devices but also network elements such as MMSCs may send update information.
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