Neonatal monitoring technologies : design for integrated solutions

W. Chen (Redacteur), S. Bambang Oetomo (Redacteur), L.M.G. Feijs (Redacteur)

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    Neonatal monitoring refers to the monitoring of vital physiological parameters of premature infants and full-term infants that are critically ill. In the last decades, several important treatment modalities emerged that had a substantial impact on the mortality of prematurely born infants. However, there is a concomitant increase of neurobehavioral problems on long-term follow-up. Neonatal Monitoring Technologies: Design for Integrated Solutions presents a unique integration of knowledge from multidisciplinary fields of engineering, industrial design, and medical science for the healthcare of a specific user group. This comprehensive collection will support audiences ranging from clinical and medical professionals, academic researchers and students, technical professionals and managers, and policymakers of different sectors.
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