Nanostructure-modulated planar high spectral resolution spectro-polarimeter

L. Pjotr Stoevelaar (Corresponding author), Jonas Berzinš (Corresponding author), Fabrizio Silvestri, Stefan Fasold, Khosro Zangeneh Kamali, Heiko Knopf, Falk Eilenberger, Frank Setzpfandt, Thomas Pertsch, Stefan M.B. Bäumer, Giampiero Gerini

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We present a planar spectro-polarimeter based on Fabry-Pérot cavities with embedded polarization-sensitive high-index nanostructures. A 7 µm-thick spectro-polarimetric system for 3 spectral bands and 2 linear polarization states is experimentally demonstrated. Furthermore, an optimal design is theoretically proposed, estimating that a system with a bandwidth of 127 nm and a spectral resolution of 1 nm is able to reconstruct the first three Stokes parameters with a signal-to-noise ratio of -13.14 dB with respect to the the shot noise limited SNR. The pixelated spectro-polarimetric system can be directly integrated on a sensor, thus enabling applicability in a variety of miniaturized optical devices, including but not limited to satellites for Earth observation.

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Pagina's (van-tot)19818-19836
Aantal pagina's19
TijdschriftOptics Express
Nummer van het tijdschrift14
StatusGepubliceerd - 6 jul 2020

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