Nanosized delivery systems for tissue regeneration

Goksu Cinar, Didem Mumcuoglu, Ayse B. Tekinay, Mustafa O. Guler

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This chapter focuses on advanced delivery of biologics including growth factors (GFs), cytokines, genes, or siRNAs using a variety of nanosized systems for different regeneration applications focusing on bone, cartilage, nervous system, and muscle regeneration strategies. Gene therapy provides permanent genetic alteration, but only transient actions of protein therapeutics can be needed for tissue regeneration applications. The limitations of biologics delivery and alternative strategies for overcoming recent problems are underlined presenting recent examples from the literature. In addition, specific targeting and cellular internalization strategies of biologies delivery for tissue regeneration are discussed for providing future perspectives to the readers in this field. Overall, it is believed that advanced nanosized delivery systems integrated with multicomponent designs will open new opportunities in delivery technologies and strategies for tissue regeneration.
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TitelTherapeutic Nanomaterials
SubtitelGuler/Therapeutic Nanomaterials
RedacteurenMustafa O. Guler, Ayse B. Tekinay
ISBN van elektronische versie9781118987483
ISBN van geprinte versie9781118987452
StatusGepubliceerd - 16 mrt 2016

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