Nanolithography for oxide nanoarrays and their application in medical devices

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Using lithographic patterning techniques, normally we aim for the integration of structural elements into a more complex apparatus, which can be at various length scales, for example hand-held equipment. Nanoscale fabricated pillars, holes or wires have shown unique properties already and ordering these in specific arrangements results in novel phenomena normally not present in natural occuring materials. Such materials are called nanoarrays. Engineered nanoarrays belong therefore to the class of metamaterials. One example of a metamaterial is a material with a negative refractive index created by design of artificial structure. These exciting material properties bring about also new opportunities for applications. A functional device or system demanding some level of ordering in a material also requires a carefully designed manufacturing process. Here, we will present an overview of nanolithographic techniques for oxide nanoarrays. Bio-inspired templated nanoarrays will be described in perspective to other nanolithography techniques. These nanostructures can deliver new functionality, too. Moreover, (nano)structured materials can deliver specific functionality at the interface with biological material. Developing these materials, subsequently, we can look for medical applications where the properties of oxide nanoarrays are explored. Photonic crystals, for example, can be applied in medical diagnostic devices. In this paper, therefore oxide nanoarrays are introduced and the emerging technology for modification and tuning of medical device performance utilizing oxide nanoarrays is discussed. © 2010 Copyright SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.
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TitelOxide-based Materials and Devices, 23 January 2010, San Francisco, California
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Evenementconference; Nanostructured Oxides and their Applications II; 2010-01-23; 2010-01-23 -
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Congresconference; Nanostructured Oxides and their Applications II; 2010-01-23; 2010-01-23
AnderNanostructured Oxides and their Applications II

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