MyriaNed as smart building platform

G. Agueci, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE). Stan Ackermans Instituut. Smart Energy Buildings & Cities (SEBC)

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    Given that 40% of the total primary energy is spent in buildings, the development of innovative technologies for a smart, dynamic and efficient management of home automation has great importance. The report describes the development of a home automation system based on the emerging paradigm of distributed and self-organized control systems. We focus on lighting control in virtue of its primary importance in the home automation context. A lighting system significantly impacts a building's operating cost and energy performance. A novel approach to the realization of a lighting control system is proposed, based on an intelligent, distributed and self-organized network of sensors and actuators called MyriaNed. MyriaNed is inspired by biological processes where many nodes (birds, ants, cells) operate in large distributed systems (resp. flocks, organized colonies, organisms) with the ability to self-organize and learn from the environment. Purpose of this project was the design, building and testing of a lighting control system demonstrator by which to explore the capabilities of MyriaNed wireless sensor network. The lighting control system has been designed for large office spaces.
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