Multiple views on system traces

A.J. Pretorius, J.J. Wijk, van

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We present a new method for the visual analysis of multivariate system traces. Our method combines three perspectives: (1) a schematic diagram, (2) time series plots and (3) a state transition graph. After we show how these perspectives are related, we discuss their integration into a single solution for the visual analysis of multivariate system traces. The combination of the three perspectives provides the user with a rich analysis interface that enables gaining significant insight into system behavior. We illustrate some of the advantages of our approach by providing a real-world use case.
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TitelProceedings IEEE VGTC Pacific Visualization Symposium (IEEE PacificVis 2008, Kyoto, Japan, March 4-7, 2008)
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UitgeverijInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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