Multimode photonic molecules for advanced force sensing

Nicoletta Granchi (Corresponding author), Maurangelo Petruzzella, Dario Balestri, Andrea Fiore, Massimo Gurioli, Francesca Intonti

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We propose a force sensor, with optical detection, based on a reconfigurable multicavity photonic molecule distributed over two parallel photonic crystal membranes. The system spectral behaviour is described with an analytical model based on coupled mode theory and validated by finite difference time domain simulations. The deformation of the upper photonic crystal membrane, due to a localized vertical force, is monitored by the relative spectral positions of the photonic molecule resonances. The proposed system can act both as force sensor, with pico-newton sensitivity, able to identify the position where the force is applied, and as torque sensor able to measure the torsion of the membrane along two perpendicular directions.

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TijdschriftOptics Express
Nummer van het tijdschrift26
StatusGepubliceerd - 23 dec 2019

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