Multimedia streaming adaptation IMS-networks

T. Ozcelebi, I. Radovanovic

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Introduction Multimedia services such as video, gaming and music marked the close of the last century and have become inextricably linked with our lives in the current century. The success and popularity of these services was fuelled by the explosive expansion of the Internet and the furious penetration of broadband networks. In particular, the use of multimedia streaming services on portable devices has been popular whenever both the content and the perceived delivery quality have met the expectations of end users. This chapter of the book does not address content aspects of multimedia streaming services. Such matters are left to media gurus and other researchers. Rather, this chapter focuses on the delivery quality of multimedia streaming services. Particular attention is paid to quality adaptation techniques intended to improve end users' experience of such services. Our scope includes heterogeneous networks and devices. The solutions presented are applicable to the telecommunications industry.
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TitelConvergence and Hybrid Information Technologies
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