Multifunctional optical sensor

D.J. Broer (Uitvinder), Y. Han (Uitvinder), C.L. Oosten, van (Uitvinder), D.A. Nowak (Uitvinder), R.P. Sijbesma (Uitvinder), J.P. Teunissen (Uitvinder), C.W.M. Bastiaansen (Uitvinder)

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The invention relates to a multifunctional optical sensor, having at least 2 areas which independently react to different input parameters, the sensor comprising a substrate and a polymeric layer comprising polymerized liquid crystal monomers having an ordered morphology, wherein the color, the reflectivity or the birefringence of the sensor changes due to a change of the morphology, wherein said change of the morphology is caused by physical contact with a chemical agent such as a gas or liquid a change of temperature, or passage of time. The invention also relates to a process for the preparation of the sensor and for the use of a film comprising a single substrate, a layer having a cholesteric liquid crystalline structure for application in labels for packaging of perishable goods, food, fine chemicals, bio-medical materials.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 29 jul 2010

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    Broer, D. J., Han, Y., Oosten, van, C. L., Nowak, D. A., Sijbesma, R. P., Teunissen, J. P., & Bastiaansen, C. W. M. (2010). Multifunctional optical sensor. (Octrooi Nr. WO2010084010).