Multi-Material 3D Food Printing Towards Simulation Driven Powder Depositor Design

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3D food printing is a new and rapidly developing technology capable of creating entirely new food structures. One of the challenges in 3D food printing is the creation of a multi-material object from a powder bed. A key challenge is the deposition of a variety of powders in order to create a multi-material powder bed. Simulating powder flow of the deposition process is done with a 2D Discrete Element Method (DEM) model capable of simulating arbitrarily shaped powder particles.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 13 nov 2019
Evenement33rd EFFoST International Conference 2019: Sustainable Food Systems - Performing by Connecting - Rotterdam, Nederland
Duur: 12 nov 201914 nov 2019
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Congres33rd EFFoST International Conference 2019
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