Multi-frequency lidar/radar integrated system for robust and flexible Doppler measurements

F. Scotti, D. Onori, M. Scaffardi, E. Lazzeri, A. Bogoni, F. Laghezza

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A new architecture for an integrated fully coherent radar-lidar system based on a single mode-locked laser is proposed and demonstrated. The lidar exploits a multi-frequency optical signal with tunable tones separation allowing a dynamic tradeoff among robustness and sensitivity of measurements. The radar that is based on photonics technologies employs the mode-locked laser for generating the radio frequency signals in the X-band and Ku-band, simultaneously with the lidar. Velocity measurements for different tones separation are demonstrated with good agreement among the values measured with the lidar and radar.
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Pagina's (van-tot)2268-2271
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TijdschriftIEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Nummer van het tijdschrift21
StatusGepubliceerd - 1 nov 2015
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  • Doppler radar
  • laser mode locking
  • measurement by laser beam
  • optical radar
  • velocity measurement
  • Ku-band
  • X-band
  • dynamic tradeoff
  • flexible Doppler measurements
  • integrated fully coherent radar-lidar system
  • multifrequency lidar-radar integrated system
  • multifrequency optical signal
  • photonics technology
  • radiofrequency signal generation
  • robust Doppler measurements
  • single mode-locked laser
  • tunable tone separation
  • velocity measurements
  • Doppler effect
  • Laser radar
  • Optical sensors
  • Radar detection
  • Velocity measurement
  • Coherent radar
  • coherent lidar
  • coherent radar
  • microwave photonics

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