Motion artifact reduction using multi-channel PPG signals

Ralph van Dinther (Uitvinder), Gerard de Haan (Uitvinder), David Roovers (Uitvinder)

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A data processing device (100, 200) is disclosed for extracting a desired vital signal containing a physiological information component from sensor data that includes time-dependent first sensor data (PPG1) comprising the physiological information component and at least one motion artifact component, and that includes time-dependent second sensor data that is indicative of a position, a velocity or an acceleration of the sensed region as a function of time. A decomposition unit (104, 204) decomposes the second sensor data into at least two components of decomposed sensor data and, based on the decomposed second sensor data, provides at least two different sets of motion reference data in at least two different motion reference data channels. An artifact removal unit (106, 206) determines the vital signal formed from a linear combination of the first sensor data and the motion reference data of at least one two of the motion reference data channels.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 28 nov 2019

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