Modularisation in Engineering Education

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    The present study is concerned with the modularization of courses in engineering
    education, in particular mathematics modules in/for physic education, at a Dutch
    university of technology. One of the project objectives is to develop and validate a
    framework to support teachers with their modular course design; another to provide supporting tools for students to navigate through a modularized system. This paper draws attention to the first stage of the project, which focuses on a state-of-the-art literature review regarding modularization. After a thorough literature review conducted in a systematic manner, with specific keywords, all relevant research papers were categorized under the following three dimensions: instructional activities and learning materials for modular courses; assessment procedure; and supporting systems needed within modular systems. According to the results from selected countries (e.g. UK, Ireland, Australia, Netherlands, and Germany), we have chosen to highlight those where modular system experiences were shared from the point of new instructional methods and learning materials created. Another group of articles were concerned with feedback mechanisms and assessment tools used in the modular courses. The last group concentrates on the ways how both students and instructors are supported in a modular system. This study reports on an overview of articles in terms of the three key criteria required to develop and validate a framework to support teachers at TU/e with their modular course design.
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