Modular approach perspective in engineering education

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    Eindhoven University of Technology aims to innovate its engineering curriculum, from a lecture & tutorial based to a challenge-based one. This means a change of mindset from teacher centered to student centered education. In this new environment, modularisation is crucial, as it supports students in their self-directed learning, and in developing and achieving their goals according to their interests and needs. A project related to modularisation is being conducted at TU/e. In this presentation, we share details about the exploratory stage of the project that focuses on the particular issues related to modularisation. We have conducted a robust, state-of-art literature review, and subsequently interviewed the course leaders who have modular course design experience. We put forward the important issues related to modular course design from the point of course designers. Results show that one of the most important issues is that of creating connections between and within modules. Another related challenge is that of suitable assessment strategies. Affordances and shortcomings of modular design will be discussed in the presentation. Our preference on the format of the contribution: Oral
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