Modern antennas and microwave circuits: a complete master-level course

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Modern antenna systems include passive antenna structures, passive microwave circuits and interconnections to electronics. Therefore, the antenna engineer should have a deep understanding of antenna theory and should be able to apply microwave engineering concepts. This textbook provides all relevant material for Master-level courses in the domain of antenna systems. The book includes comprehensive material on antennas and provides introduction-level material on microwave engineering, which is the perfect mixture to educate junior antenna experts. The theoretical material in this textbook can be supplemented by labs in which the students learn how to use state-of-the-art antenna and microwave design tools and test equipment, such as a vector network analyzer or a near-field scanner.
Several chapters in this book can be used quite independent from each other. For example, chapter 6 can be used in a dedicated phased-array antenna course without the need to use Maxwell-based antenna theory from chapter 4. Similarly, chapter 3 on transmission lines and microwave circuits does not require deep back-ground knowledge in electromagnetics or antenna theory.
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