Modelling of the Closed ICP

J. Dijk, van, J.M. Regt, de, D.A. Benoij, J.J.A.M. Mullen, van der

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In order to get insight in the influence of transport on the main parameters of a closed inductively coupled plasma a numerical study has been carried out. A better understanding of the relation between the various source and production terms may help to optimize the application of the closed ICP as light source. The simulations have been done with the plasma simulation program PLASIMO, which has been developed by Benoy. It has been extended in order to describe this specific plasma setup. The calculations have been performed for various filling pressures and input powers. The numerical results have been compared with the data that have been obtained experimentally by De Regt and Tas. The calculations reveal that the effects of the plasma bulk motion can be neglected. The pressure, which is needed only in the particle balance, can be taken as uniform. The numerical results of the electron densities are in good agreement, except for the lowest pressure plasma (10 mbar). The independence of the profile shape on the input power in this plasma could not be reproduced. The calculated electron temperature is almost independent of input power; furthermore the profiles have maximum values too far off the axis of symmetry. In the center of the plasma the values are considerably lower than found experimentally. The calculated heavy particle temperatures are lower than the measured values. Experimental data were available for the 10 mbar plasma only. The influence of changing various transport coefficients and sources has been checked. This parameter study revealed the great influences of the particle and radiation source terms, on which future work should be focused.
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UitgeverijTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven
StatusGepubliceerd - 1996

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    Dijk, van, J., Regt, de, J. M., Benoij, D. A., & Mullen, van der, J. J. A. M. (1996). Modelling of the Closed ICP. (VDF/NT; Vol. 96-14). Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.