Modelling and simulation in the science of micro- and mesoporous materials

C. Richard A. Catlow (Redacteur), Rutger A. van Santen (Redacteur), Veronique Van Speybroeck (Redacteur)

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Modelling and Simulation in the Science of Micro- and Meso-Porous Materials addresses significant developments in the field of micro- and meso-porous science. The book includes sections on Structure Modeling and Prediction, Synthesis, Nucleation and Growth, Sorption and Separation processes, Reactivity and Catalysis, and Fundamental Developments in Methodology to give a complete overview of the techniques currently utilized in this rapidly advancing field. It thoroughly addresses the major challenges in the field of microporous materials, including the crystallization mechanism of porous materials and rational synthesis of porous materials with controllable porous structures and compositions. New applications in emerging areas are also covered, including biomass conversion, C1 chemistry, and CO2 capture. Authored and edited by experts in the field of micro- and meso-porous materials Includes introductory material and background both on the science of microporous materials and on the techniques employed in contemporary modeling studies Rigorous enough for scientists conducting related research, but also accessible to graduate students in chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 2018


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