Modelling and experimental validation of emulsification process in continuous rotor-stator units

C. Almeida-Rivera, P.M.M. Bongers

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Despite the wide range of industrial applications of structured emulsions, current approaches towards process design and scale-up are commonly based on trial-and-error experimentation. As this design approach is foreseen to deliver most likely suboptimal process solutions, we propose in this contribution a model-based approach as the way forward to designing manufacturing processes of structured emulsions. In this context, process modelling and simulation techniques are applied to predict production rates and equipment sizing. Moreover, sensitivity analysis of the process model provides insight about potential bottlenecks in the process.
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TitelProceedings of the 19th European symposium on computer aided process engineering, (ESCAPE 19) 14-17-June 2009, Cracow, Poland
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NaamComputer Aided Chemical Engineering
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