Modeling thermochemical reactions in thermal energy storage systems

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The focus of this chapter is mainly on molecular modeling techniques for the hydration and dehydration (sorption and desorption) processes occurring in salt hydrates at the nano-scale. Modeling techniques such as density function theory, molecular dynamics and monte carlo are briefly introduced. Some attention is also given to micro- and macro-scale modeling techniques used at larger length scales, such as Mampel's model and the continuum approach. Before introducing all the length (and time) scales involved when modeling a heat storage system, a qualitative description is given of the hydration and dehydration processes on the nano/micro-scale.

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TitelAdvances in Thermal Energy Storage Systems
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Rindt, C. C. M., & Gaastra-Nedea, S. V. (2014). Modeling thermochemical reactions in thermal energy storage systems. In Advances in Thermal Energy Storage Systems: Methods and Applications (blz. 375-415). Amsterdam: Elsevier.