Modeling of electrochemical hydrogen storage in metal hydride electrodes

A. Ledovskikh, D. Danilov, P. Vermeulen, P.H.L. Notten

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The recently presented Electrochemical Kinetic Model (EKM), describing the electrochemical hydrogen storage in hydride-forming materials, has been extended by the description of the solid/electrolyte interface, i.e. the charge transfer kinetics and electrical double layer charging. A complete set of equations has been derived, describing the equilibrium hydrogen partial pressure, the equilibrium electrode potential, the exchange current density and the electrical double layer capacitance as a function of hydrogen content in both solid-solutions and two-phase coexistence regions. The model has been applied to simulate isotherms of Pd thin films with a nominal thickness of 200 and 10 nm. The model demonstrates good agreement between the simulation results and experimental data.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2010

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NaamReport Eurandom
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    Ledovskikh, A., Danilov, D., Vermeulen, P., & Notten, P. H. L. (2010). Modeling of electrochemical hydrogen storage in metal hydride electrodes. (Report Eurandom; Vol. 2010030). Eurandom.