Modeling of complex premixed burner systems by using flamelet-generated manifolds

J.A. van Oijen (Corresponding author), F.A. Lammers, L.P.H. de Goey

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The numerical modeling of realistic burner systems puts a very high demand on computational recources.The computational cost of combustion simulations can be reduced by reduction techniques which simplify the chemical kinetics. In this paper the recently introduced Flamelet-Generated Manifold method for premixed combustion systems is applied to laminar flames. In this method the reduced mechanism is created using solutions of one-dimensional flamelet equations as steady-state relations. For a methane/air mixture a manifold is constructed with two controllingvariables: one progress variable and the enthalpy to account for energy losses. This manifold is used for the computation of a 2D burner-stabilized flame andthe results are compared with results of detailed computations. The results show that these two controlling variables are sufficient to reproduce the results of detailed computations. The influence of flame stretch on the accuracy of the method is investigated by simulating strained flames in stagnation-point flows. The computation time can be reduced by a factor of 20 when a flamelet-generatedmanifold is applied. The reduction in computation time enables us to perform simulations of combustion in more complex combustion systems. To show that the method can be used to give accurate predictions, a semi-practical furnace is modeled and the results are compared withtemperature measurements. The experimental setup consists of a cylindrical radiating furnace with aceramic-foam surface burner in the top disc. Radial profiles of temperature have been measured at two different heights in the furnace. The measurements agree quite well with the results of the numerical simulation using a flamelet-generated manifold.
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TijdschriftCombustion and Flame
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2001

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