Modeling of capillary-driven flows in axisymmetric geometries

Romain Chassagne (Corresponding author), Fabian Dörfler, Michael Guyenot, Jens Harting

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    We present an analytical approach, as well as computer simulations based on the free surface lattice-Boltzmann (FSLB) method, in order to model capillary-driven infiltration of liquids into porous structures. The analytical method is an extension of the Lucas-Washburn (LW) equation and applies to axisymmetric geometries with a circular cross-section. The treatment of irregular capillaries is achieved by a discretization procedure in which the original geometry is divided into small cylinders. In order to validate the derived analytical equation, we perform FSLB simulations in test geometries which show a good agreement.

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    TijdschriftComputers & Fluids
    StatusGepubliceerd - 15 jan. 2019


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