Model predictive control of a river reach with weirs

K. Horváth, B.P.M. van Esch, Jorn Baayen, I. Pothof, J. Talsma, T. Vreeken

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A decision support system for water management based on convex optimization, RTC-Tools 2, is applied for a water system containing river branches connected by weirs. The advantage of convex optimization is the ability of finding the global optimum, which makes the decision support system robust and deterministic. In this work the convex modeling of open water channels and weirs is presented. The decision support system is implemented for a river made of 12 river reaches divided by movable weirs. It is shown how the discharge wave is dispatched in the river without the water levels exceeding the bounds by controlling the weir heights. After this test the optimization can be applied to a realistic numerical model and model predictive control can be implemented.
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Subtitel13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics
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StatusGepubliceerd - 20 sep 2018

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NaamEPiC Series in Engineering
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