Model as a Service : Towards a Discovery Platform for Internet of Food

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    The Internet of Food (INoF) consortium, which is part of Sustainable Food Initiative (SFI), aims to address the future food safety challenges using engineering solutions to make the production process more efficient and sustainable. Inter-organization collaboration can stimulate fast innovation and sustainable research processes by significantly reducing data loss as well as miscommunication. Such collaboration requires an appropriate digital infrastructure that can maintain interoperability among diverse data formats from different sources. This infrastructure should also be able to facilitate sharing of data and services without companies having to share IP (Intellectual Property) or replicate corresponding execution environments. As part of the INoF, this project aims to develop a prototype for such infrastructure and set up a baseline for building an effective model discovery platform. In this context, models are computational units that can provide insights into food products. Having access to results from more models, companies can make better decisions and speed up product development. During this project, a microservice based architecture was de-signed and a prototype was developed that exploited the idea of Model as a Service (MaaS). It has the functionality to offer models in the form of web services allowing organizations other than the owner of the models to use them. For achieving interoperability among different data sources in the context of this project, functionalities, such as dynamic model parameter mapping and on-demand unit conversion, were implemented into this prototype. After execution, results from several models belonging to different organizations can also be viewed through this platform. One of the major goals of this project was to demonstrate the benefits and possibilities of sharing model results to attract further collab-oration. Therefore, several INoF partners were closely involved in this project. The MaaS prototype was also demonstrated to all the INoF partners and earned quite a few appreciations.
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