Mixing and dispersion in flows dominated by rotation and buoyancy

H.J.H. Clercx (Redacteur), G.J.F. van Heijst (Redacteur)

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The book presents a state-of-the-art overview of current developments in the field in a way accessible to attendees coming from a variety of fields. Relevant examples are turbulence research, (environmental) fluid mechanics, lake hydrodynamics and atmospheric physics. Topics discussed range from the fundamentals of rotating and stratified flows, mixing and transport in stratified or rotating turbulence, transport in the atmospheric boundary layer, the dynamics of gravity and turbidity currents eventually with effects of background rotation or stratification, mixing in (stratified) lakes, and the Lagrangian approach in the analysis of transport processes in geophysical and environmental flows. The topics are discussed from fundamental, experimental and numerical points of view. Some contributions cover fundamental aspects including a number of the basic dynamical properties of rotating and or stratified (turbulent) flows, the mathematical description of these flows, some applications in the natural environment, and the Lagrangian statistical analysis of turbulent transport processes and turbulent transport of material particles (including, for example, inertial and finite-size effects). Four papers are dedicated to specific topics such as transport in (stratified) lakes, transport and mixing in the atmospheric boundary layer, mixing in stratified fluids and dynamics of turbidity currents.
The book is addressed to doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, but also to academic and industrial researchers and practicing engineers, with a background in mechanical engineering, applied physics, civil engineering, applied mathematics, meteorology, physical oceanography or physical limnology.
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