Minimizing flow-time on unrelated machines

N. Bansal, J. Kulkarni

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We consider some flow-time minimization problems in the unrelated machines setting. In this setting, there is a set of $m$ machines and a set of $n$ jobs, and each job $j$ has a machine dependent processing time of $p_{ij}$ on machine $i$. The flow-time of a job is the amount of time the job spends in the system (completion time minus its arrival time), and is one of the most natural quality of service measure. We show the following two results: an $O(\min(\log^2 n,\log n \log P))$ approximation algorithm for minimizing the total-flow time, and an $O(\log n)$ approximation for minimizing the maximum flow-time. Here $P$ is the ratio of maximum to minimum job size. These are the first known poly-logarithmic guarantees for both the problems.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014

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Volume1401.7284 [cs.DS]

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