Millimeter-wave wireless links for 5G mobile networks

Juan José Vegas Olmos, Idelfonso Tafur Monroy

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Microwave photonics and radio-over-fiber (RoF) technologies have been investigated for over 20 years, leadingto a substantial stock of know-how which is now about to be exploited in the development of the 5th generationmobile systems (5G). These technologies have proven mature in niche areas such as distribution of highly pureclock signals for radio telescopes, photonic-based coherent radars, and fiber optic sensing, among others. This paper will show niches in where microwave photonics can add value by providing more compact, versatile andefficient system solutions. Furthermore, different efforts in the area of radio-over-fiber for communications willbe presented; particularly, remote access units for mobile backhauling or point-to-point wireless links driven by photonic technologies.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015
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Evenement17th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON 2015) - Danubius Thermal Hotel Helia, Budapest, Hongarije
Duur: 5 jul 20159 jul 2015
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Congres17th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON 2015)
Verkorte titelICTON 2015
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  • Microwave photonics
  • Millimetre-wave communications
  • Mobile networks
  • Optical communications

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