Microreactor for rapid parallel testing of catalysts

M.J.M. Mies (Uitvinder), E.V. Rebrov (Uitvinder), M.H.J.M. Croon, de (Uitvinder), J.C. Schouten (Uitvinder), I.Z. Ismagilov (Uitvinder)

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A microreactoris described, in particular a test reactor with high throughput rate, with a reaction section in which reactions can take place. The microreactor furthermore comprises an inlet section, connected to the reaction section, for feeding reactants to the reaction section and an outlet section, connected to the reaction section, for discharging reaction products. The reaction section comprises at least two reaction compartments in which catalyst material to be tested can be placed. At least the reaction section of the microreactor is essentially made of a material that is able to withstand temps. above 500 °C, for example above 700 °C, and that has good thermal cond. of more than 50 W/mK, for example more than 100 W/mK. An example of such a material is molybdenum.
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OctrooinummerWO 2004073861 A2
StatusGepubliceerd - 2 sep 2004


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