G. Langereis (Uitvinder), T. Lippen, van (Uitvinder), F. Roozeboom (Uitvinder), H. Suy (Uitvinder), K. Reimann (Uitvinder), J.T.M. van Beek (Uitvinder), C. Avoort, van der (Uitvinder), J. Wingerden, van (Uitvinder), K. Phan, le (Uitvinder), M. Goossens (Uitvinder), P.G. Steeneken (Uitvinder)

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A microphone comprises a substrate (20), a microphone membrane (10) defining an acoustic input surface and a backplate (11) supported with respect to the membrane with a fixed spacing between the backplate (11) and the membrane (10). A microphone periphery area comprises parallel corrugations (24) in the membrane (10) and backplate (11). By using the same corrugated suspension for both the membrane and the backplate, the sensitivity to body noise is optimally suppressed.
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