Method of load-aware dynamic handover in cellular networks

S.C. Borst (Uitvinder), H. Bakker (Uitvinder), I. Saniee (Uitvinder), M. Gruber (Uitvinder)

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A handover method is provided, in which a measure of signal strength is obtained between a user terminal and each of one or more candidate cells, relative to signal strength between the user terminal and a source cell. For candidate cells, a threshold is set that depends on a measure of loading of the source cell and a measure of loading of the candidate cell. For the target cell, a particular candidate cell is identified for which the measure of signal strength exceeds the threshold set for that particular cell. The user terminal is connected to the target cell. In specific embodiments, the threshold for each candidate cell depends on a load differential between the source cell and the candidate cell.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 10 dec 2013

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US2012252464 (A1)
WO2012150986 (A1)

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Borst, S. C., Bakker, H., Saniee, I., & Gruber, M. (2013). Method of load-aware dynamic handover in cellular networks. (Octrooi Nr. US8606274).