Method for operating a power steering system

Michael Schiebahn (Uitvinder), Helmuth Bosch (Uitvinder), P.W.A. Zegelaar (Uitvinder)

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A method for operating a steering assist system of a motor vehicle, in which during a steering movement of the driver while driving the vehicle a steering assistance is determined. The steering assistance provided by an electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical drive and may depend on the vehicle speed. The steering assistance providing a supportive force or a supporting moment to the steering system, wherein the provision of the steering assistance depends on the result of a judgment of whether there is a discrepancy between the determined steering assistance and the driver's steering intention based on a steering movement of the driver and a current value at least one steering parameter. A discrepancy exists between the steering assistance and the driver's intention to drive when a current value of a steering parameter exceeds a predetermined limit value. The steering parameters including a deviation between a steering assist torque and the driver steering torque exceeding a predetermined limit or the steering angle exceeding a predetermined limit. In such cases, the steering assistance is adjusted or prevented.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 27 sep 2018

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