Method and apparatus for calibrating a scaled currrent electronic circuit

G.I. Radulov (Uitvinder), P.J. Quinn (Uitvinder), J.A. Hegt (Uitvinder), A.H.M. Roermund, van (Uitvinder)

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A method and apparatus for the calibration of current cells, whereby a current signal from each current cell may be generated by either a thermometer current cell, or a binary current cell. If generated by a binary current cell, then two or more replica binary current cells exist to form a group of binary current cells within two or more binary current cell sets. The current magnitude generated by each replica current cell of each binary current cell group is first calibrated to be substantially equal to each other. Next, the combined current generated by the replica current cell group is calibrated to be substantially equal to a magnitude of a temporary current signal, or a portion thereof. Subsequent less-significant binary current cell groups are similarly calibrated to the temporary current signal through the use of the previously calibrated, more-significant binary current cell groups.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 16 dec 2008


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