Membranes for membrane reactors: preparation, optimization and selection

A. Basile (Redacteur), F. Gallucci (Redacteur)

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A membrane reactor is a device for simultaneously performing a reaction and a membrane-based separation in the same physical device. Therefore, the membrane not only plays the role of a separator, but also takes place in the reaction itself. This text covers, in detail, the preparation and characterisation of all types of membranes used in membranes reactors. Each membrane synthesis process used by membranologists is explained by well known scientists in their specific research field. The book opens with an exhaustive review and introduction to membrane reactors, introducing the recent advances in this field. The following chapters concern the preparation of both organic and inorganic, and in both cases, a deep analysis of all the techniques used to prepare membrane are presented and discussed. A brief historical introduction for each technique is also included, followed by a complete description of the technique as well as the main results presented in the international specialized literature. In order to give to the reader a summary look to the overall work, a conclusive chapter is included for collecting all the information presented in the previous chapters.
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