Medical simulator with injection device

S.A.M. Offermans (Uitvinder), E.J.L. Deckers (Uitvinder), L.M.G. Feijs (Uitvinder), F.L.M. Delbressine (Uitvinder), S.G. Oei (Uitvinder)

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medical simulator 611 comprises a vessel 609 representing a simulated blood vessel. The vessel comprises a simulated vessel wall capable of being punctured by an electrically conductive injection needle 503. The vessel wall comprises a first electrically conductive layer for closing an electric circuit when the first electrically conductive layer is punctured by the electrically conductive injection needle 503. An electric subsystem applies an alternating current trigger voltage to the injection needle 503 when the electric circuit is closed, for triggering a signal source in an injection device 502 connected to the injection needle 503. The electric subsystem is arranged for applying a detection voltage to at least one electrically conductive layer for detecting a closing of the circuit by the injection needle 503. Injection device 502 has a signal source such that an electric circuit comprising the signal source is closed and the signal source is activated when a voltage is applied to the injection needle 503
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OctrooinummerWO2010EP65937 20101022
StatusGepubliceerd - 5 mei 2011

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Also published as EP2325827 (A1)

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    Offermans, S. A. M., Deckers, E. J. L., Feijs, L. M. G., Delbressine, F. L. M., & Oei, S. G. (2011). IPC-nummer WO. Medical simulator with injection device. (Octrooi Nr. WO2010EP65937 20101022).