Mechanical properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) fibres and composites

L.E. Govaert, A.A.J.M. Peijs

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This paper describes the performance of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVOH) fibres and their composites. PVOH fibres have been studied, with the emphasis on long-term properties. Results indicated that the long-term properties of PVOH fibres are superior to those of high-performance polyethylene (HP-PE) fibres. Mechanical tests on PVOH/epoxy composites showed that, in general, their structural performance is between those of plasma-treated HP-PE and aramid fibre-reinforced composites. Structural mechanical properties of PVOH composites are better than those of HP-PE based composites due to the combination of a strong interfacial bond strength and a less pronounced anisotropic fibre character. However, the strong bonding between PVOH and epoxy results in a rather brittle failure mode of the composite and consequently relatively poor impact properties.
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