Measurement of shock-induced guided and surface acoustic waves along boreholes in poroelastic materials

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Acoustic experiments on the propagation of guided waves along water-filled boreholes in water-saturated porous materials are reported. The experiments were conducted using a shock tube technique. An acoustic funnel structure was placed inside the tube just above the sample in order to enhance the excitation of the surface modes. A fast Fourier transform-Prony-spectral ratio method is implemented to transform the data from the time-space domain to the frequency-wave-number domain. Frequency-dependent phase velocities and attenuation coefficients were measured using this technique. The results for a Berea sandstone material show a clear excitation of the fundamental surface mode, the pseudo-Stoneley wave. The comparison of the experimental results with numerical predictions based on Biot's theory of poromechanics [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 28, 168 (1956)], shows that the oscillating fluid flow at the borehole wall is the dominant loss mechanism governing the pseudo-Stoneley wave and it is properly described by the Biot's model at frequencies below 40 kHz. At higher frequencies, a systematic underestimation of the theoretical predictions is found, which can be attributed to the existence of other losses mechanisms neglected in the Biot formulation. Higher-order guided modes associated with the compressional wave in the porous formation and the cylindrical geometry of the shock tube were excited, and detailed information was obtained on the frequency-dependent phase velocity and attenuation in highly porous and permeable materials. The measured attenuation of the guided wave associated with the compressional wave reveals the presence of regular oscillatory patterns that can be attributed to radial resonances. This oscillatory behavior is also numerically predicted, although the measured attenuation values are one order of magnitude higher than the corresponding theoretical values. The phase velocities of the higher-order modes are generally well predicted by theory. ©2006 American Institute of Physics
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