Manufacturing pinhole arrays for X-ray source diagnostics using LIGA

M. Gerner, K. Holldack, R. Luttge, M. Schmidt

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The manufacturing of pinhole arrays with diameters 10 µm up to 60 µm in 100-300 µm gold foils is described using LIGA. These structures are used to characterize the electron beam in a storage ring by means of the emitted synchrotron radiation. The source inside the bending magnet 13 at BESSY I (single bunch mode, 70 mA ring current, pinholes: Ø 60 µm) is (448 ± 40) µm in height and (768 ± 40)µm in horizontal width. For BESSY II pinholes with Ø 10-20 µm will be used utilizing bending magnet radiation (resolution ~ 10 µm), single pinholes with 1-5 µm in diameter are dedicated to insertion device characterization (coherence).
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TijdschriftMicrosystem Technologies
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1998

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