Manufacturing lines under surplus-based control : multiple products and bounded buffers

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Challenged by the scheduling complexity for production flow processes in industrial facilities, we study the performance of multi-product producing lines. We analyse the performance of multi-product lines that consist a number of machines and bounded buffers with preselected base stock levels. It is assumed that each manufacturing machine in the line is capable of working with several product types, but only operate on one product at a time. The network is operated under a surplus-based production control policy in the presence of perturbations and production demand fluctuations. We derive bounds on the demand tracking accuracy for each product type, regardless its flow direction in the multi-product line. In addition, for a multi-product line with unidirectional product flow, we obtain a quantitative relation between demand tracking accuracy, its inventory levels, numbers of product types, buffer capacity limits and perturbations. The accuracy of the obtained demand tracking bounds is illustrated by numerical simulations. By means of simulation experiments, we show that the obtained results have a valuable meaning and can be used as a reference tool in practice. Keywords: flexible manufacturing systems, distributed manufacturing control, discrete time systems, manufacturing system performance evaluation
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