Managing the global heritage city of Mexico City: adapting the HUL approach to the globalised urban context

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This chapter explores the complexities of adapting the HUL approach to the context of global heritage cities through the analysis of Mexico City, assessing its existing urban heritage planning and management systems and identifying effective policies and tools for the implementation of the toolkit addressed in the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) Recommendation. The assessment of this case leads to the identification of complexities and analysis of best tools adopted by different stakeholders to cope with the management challenges. In parallel with the HUL toolkit, these specific instruments and strategies include the adoption of an integral management plan that conducts vulnerability assessment and strengthens the capacities of relevant parties to execute programmes, the establishment of innovative partnership models and grassroots initiatives as an effective community engagement tool that brings together voluntary groups, experts and local administrative bodies, along with the assignment of a site management unit and a local peripheral body to serve as a catalyst and enhance better communication among stakeholders. Focusing specifically on Mexico City, this chapter intends to make an original contribution to literature by introducing the size, scope and complexities of global cities to the management of historic urban landscape discourse. Furthermore, it defines a new perspective for the adaptation of the HUL approach to the globalised urban context and tests the feasibility and effectiveness of the tools developed in the Recommendation.
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